And then there were four

As you know, most of our older puppies have gone on to their forever homes. The last two Fridays have been filled with puppy well checks and the last two Sundays, puppy delivery day. This Friday Oakley’s Aussalier babies are scheduled for their exams and Sunday is delivery day!

Then the following Friday it’ time for Treasure’s Maisie to have her check-up and instead of her going home that Sunday she will leave the following Wednesday. (Since she was a singleton, delivery day was a little more flexible). And since Dally was matched up later and her new mom is busy this Sunday she will be leaving with Maisie.

So it’s just the fabulous four still hear entertaining us with their silly antics. Of course, we have the younger ones around too from Joy and Gracie, but this is the last four of the older litters.

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    It must feel positively calm right now with only 4 older puppies!

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