I have a confession to make

Most of you know when we have a pregnant mom that is nearing her whelping date, I start sleeping on the couch at night next to her crate. And once the babies are born I continue to snooze on the couch for at least a week or so to make sure nobody is getting lost in the shuffle and that they’re getting enough groceries.

Well, I’ve still been sleeping on the couch even though our youngest litter is almost two weeks old.

No, my hubby and I didn’t get in a fight. 😛

I’ve tried going back to bed. I really have. But our mattress is so old and so bad that every time I try to sleep on it I wake up with a backache.  So I keep going back to the couch to sleep.

And I wake up every morning looking at these faces! Yes, they’re that close to the couch. :O

*Seriously though, if anyone has mattress recommendations please let me know! I just don’t want one that I have to mortgage my home for! 😛

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8 Responses to I have a confession to make

  1. JOAN SPEAR says:

    Tuft and Needle- 30 day warrantee- ! They are light weight, fairly priced.


  2. Barbara says:

    Tempur-pedic is great love it but it’s expensive! I also recommend the Westin mattress from the Westin Hotel. Check them out they’re so comfortable!

  3. Beverly Becker says:

    Hi there,
    We have a sleep number and I absolutely love it, but I don’t know, I think that’s a pretty great view to wake up to, it would be hard to give up.
    : -)

  4. Tricia BOURDEAU says:

    We’ve both had back surgery (years ago) so sleeping on a comfortable, supportive mattress is crucial When we bought a mattress about 8 years ago, we purchased one through sleep country and they were fabulous. All were owners and had to go to school so everyone was well educated. As a consumer, we were impressed. We had a period of time to sleep on the mattress to ensure we were satisfied. While sleep country was either bought out or sold but by checking with a specialized company, think you will be pleased. We will be having to do mattress shopping in the bear future, too! By the way. Love your blog and pictures!

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