A bigger house

A bigger house for me? No, for the puppies! Although sometimes I wish my house was bigger, at least the “living” portion as it does feel a little crowded when we have more then a couple litters of puppies around the same age here and the kids come home to visit.

Joy and her puppies needed a bigger house. It was time for them to move to the bigger puppy pen upstairs. They are getting more active and need more wiggle room when they are in their “home”.

Even though this playpen is bigger, we still partitioned off the back corner to start with. I want to make sure they have a good grasp of the litter box in the new pen before we open the space up even more. I’ll give them some time with the litter box right in front of the door to their crate. Once they are settled in well with that bigger litter box and bigger space, we’ll remove the partition and move the litter box farther from the crate.

Just add puppies!

Gracie and her brood needed more room too. I usually don’t move puppies to the small puppy pen until they are closer to three weeks of age. At that point, they’re getting around better and can get back to mom if they get too far away. These pups aren’t even two weeks old yet and I worry about them getting separated from mom. So I first laid a blanket on the floor of the puppy pen, then added the bed with the Ugodog litter box next to it. They aren’t using the litter box at this age but it adds a fairly level surface next to the bed should they scoot off the bed. And we’ll keep a close eye on everyone so they don’t get far from mom.

All snuggled on their bed.

Mom joins the group and settles into her new expanded space with her little family.


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