Not very adventurous

Gracie’s pups just turned four weeks old on Saturday. They’re starting to play and interact with each other and us more. Their little tails wag and they think my fingers make break teething toys as their little teeth start to break through their gums. Most of them eagerly shove their nose into the soaked puppy food and chew at the softened morsels. Some still prefer mom and when I bring her back in from a break they will plow through the dish of food scattering pieces to get to her as quick as they can.

Morning puppy pile❤️

Breakfast time!

Their first play area is in their puppy pen of course. Next, I usually set something up in the living room for them to explore and play in. At this age, I put a blanket of something down on the floor so they can get some traction and not be afraid to move around.

As you can see by the pictures, they haven’t become too adventurous quite yet. But we’re still giving them the chance to. And before you know it they’ll be all over checking everything out!

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  1. Didi Fame says:

    What a big bunch of love – tiny hearts beating in a big mound !! Love it!!

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