Sounds and things

Along with playtime and introducing different toys (toys with texture, toys that move, toys that make sounds, etc) different surfaces, things to climb on, we like to share different sounds with the puppies at an early age.

And since we live out in the country and the pups may not normally hear the things they might hear in a town or city, the “Sound Proof Puppy Training” app is a crucial part of de-sensitizing the puppies to different sounds.

I have a small Bluetooth speaker that I connect to my phone so it amplifies the sounds. I also use this to play classical music for them.

So while the puppies played (and ate some special food) I sat and played sounds for them. We also played classical music and did some “real” vacuuming in the adjoining room.

They did great!

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2 Responses to Sounds and things

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Wow! We are impressed and especially since the puppies hear classical music when they are tiny!
    Karisto & Philia are eager to be moving down the list as they/ we look forward to our #3!

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