F1b Cavapoos

As most of you know we’ve been breeding F1 Cavapoos for several years now.

About a year ago we decided to start a plan to raise some F1b Cavapoos. For those not familiar with F1b Cavapoos, this is when an F1 (first generation Cavapoo with one purebred Poodle parent and one purebred Cavalier parent) is bred back to a purebred Poodle. This produces a dog with the least amount of “shedding” and better for those with allergy issues.

The first step, of course, is to pick out a nice pup from one of our litters to raise as a future “mom-to-be”. And in the last eighteen months or so we’ve actually kept two nice girls.

Sage as a puppy

(Excuse the short, unprofessional haircut)

Sage is out oldest and ready to be a mom as soon as she comes in season this fall! She is a sable merle particolored girl (she has lightened up since puppyhood) to a beautiful silver and white but you can still see the slight merling in her coat (black flecks). She is super sweet, and happy. A lot like her mom (Lucy) and her dad (Dickens). She is an average-sized Cavapoo.

Raven as a puppy.

Our younger Cavapoo is our tricolored girl Raven. Raven is a smaller Cavapoo and not quite old enough for motherhood so she gets to grow and mature a bit longer. Her parents are Flower and Noah. She is smaller than average.

Since both of these girls are particolored (white with color) they will most likely produce the same (depending on which Poodle boy we breed them to).

So if we are going to produce other colored F1b Cavapoos, I will be keeping a couple more females from other litters we have or may have. I’m not sure which ones yet, but I’m aiming for red, apricot or blenheim most likely as I want to incorporate those choices into our F1b selection also. We may have to wait and see what is produced. So just a “heads up” that as the breeder of our Cavapoos, I get first pick from any litter 😉 (Sorry!)

And for anyone interested we will not have a separate waiting list for the F1b Cavapoos.

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2 Responses to F1b Cavapoos

  1. Cricket Allen says:

    I am interested in a second generation cavapoo. Would you please let me know when you anticipate puppies? Cricket Allen 864-414-4802

    • Thank you for reaching out. We do not have available puppies. All of our puppies are matched with families that have gone through the application process and are patiently waiting on our waiting list (which is currently closed). If you’d like you can go to our website and sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements about when it reopens and we are accepting applications again please visit http://www.pinewoodcavapoos.com and hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right-hand side under the Pinewood Pups photo album.
      Also be aware if you do find a puppy “available” or “cheap” it is most likely a puppy mill, a broker or a scam. Reputable breeders will have waiting lists and not have puppies available.
      Once our waiting list reopens the wait time for a puppy will depend on how many people are added to the list and what you are wanting in regards to color and gender.
      Thanks again,
      Jennifer Wood

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