Puppy update

Puppy matching Gracie’s litter continues! So far we have both boys matched with their families and a couple of the girls (Kanga and Piglet).

They are really getting active, social and playful. Cavapoos seem to go through a weird (fear) period around four weeks of age (this is normal for puppies, it just happens at different times for different breeds). But about five weeks they really come out of their shell and become the silly, playful, happy puppies we know and love. Of course, within each litter, there are individual personalities too. Depending on litter size, there are usually one or two that are super adventurous, playful, social butterflies. There will be the middle-of-the-road crew and then there will be one or two that are more cautious, contemplative, “thinkers”. It’s interesting to see their individual little “selves” emerge.

And along with getting Gracie’s puppies matched with their respective families, we wind down our time with Joy’s puppies. They went in for their vet exams on Friday and early tomorrow we head for Spokane to meet their forever (excited) families!

It’s always my goal to have all the pups from a litter go home on the same day. But sometimes life gets in the way. And that’s what happened with a couple families. So Allan A’Dayle and Little John will be staying an extra week with us. We’ll continue their puppy training and socializing for that week before their families come here to pick them up the following Sunday.

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  1. Kim Perko says:

    I am very intrested in Gracies litter, a girl, preferably. Please contact me.

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