Just a little “public service announcement” or “for your information” post. 🙂

I get quite a bit of correspondence (emails, comments, questions, applications) during the week, but it always picks up on the weekend. Which is completely understandable and normal since most people work the Monday through Friday/9-5 workweek.

So just a reminder (or information for those that don’t know). I “shut down” Friday evening from dog “business” and take a 24 hour period off over Saturday. So if you happen to reach out with questions or an application on Friday or Saturday I probably won’t get back to you until Sunday.

But if it happens to be a puppy delivery weekend (which occurs on a Sunday), I’m usually up late Saturday night getting ready, leaving early Sunday and gone most of the day so I may not respond until Monday.

Mornings are busy every day of the week as we get up and get started with the day. There are always farm chores to tend to (feeding chickens, horses, etc), letting all the adult dogs out for potty and exercise, tending to puppies and mama dogs; feeding, watering, cleaning puppy pens, litter boxes and such. So all of those need to be done before I usually sit down to answer correspondence.

And then I go and do silly things like announce on a Sunday morning (on a puppy delivery day, no less) that we have a puppy needing a home during the same time that I’m matching the next litter and create even more “busi-ness” for myself! hehehe

In a nutshell, I appreciate everyone reaching out and I will get back to you all as soon as I can.


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  1. Darla Finney says:

    Whew! That was exhausting just to read. Thanks for doing such a great job. Your pups are proof of your diligence.

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