I love that someone suggested I title puppy updates, “pupdates”! And who doesn’t like hearing back from puppy families on how their puppy is doing?! This one is extra special to me and some others.

Who remembers Peanut? Peanut (his “officially” name was Confetti) was our wee little black and white puppy born right around New Years to Flower and Justice. His littermates were Midnight, Kiss, Champagne and Cheers.

He was an itty, bitty guy weighing a mere 3 ounces at birth. We had to supplement him and hover over him. It was slow going for quite a while. He only got up to 6 ounces at two weeks of age! (In comparison an average-sized Cavapoo pup is around 7-8 ounces at birth. And I just weighed Hazel’s two-week-old pups and they are both over a pound).

I kept him a bit longer and waited to find the home I thought would be the best fit for him. His “mom” has been faithful about sending me pictures and updates (which I’ve failed to share…my bad).

This came in just the other day. He is doing so well!

“Hi Jennifer!  Here’s another update on your little Peanut/my Olen.  This very day he is being neutered.  The vet called to say that he did “awesome,” and I’ll pick him up around 3 pm.  I wanted to wait until a year, but I can’t take it anymore! 😍  In 2 days, he’ll be entering his 10 month.  

For a little one that was predicted to get his weight to 6 or 8 lbs at the very most, today he clocked in at 9.8.  He’s thriving!  The vet said she thinks his weight is perfect.  His legs are loooonnnnggg.  As of last weekend, he now easily jumps up on the furniture, which is fine with me.  He already has his favorite end of the sofa.  He loves to run and jump outside, and is learning how to go through a tunnel.  Taking walks is improving.  I find it so interesting – the first walk out in the morning is our long one, and it is more of a very long sniff than a real walk.  The second one is better, and by the third one of the day, he is walking like a true gentleman part of the way.  Progress, for which I am very grateful.
He always loves people, whether he knows them or is meeting them for the first time.  And they all love him back.  He gets lots of attention in this neighborhood.  I just wish there were sidewalks in the entire neighborhood.  That would help, but there are not, so I just deal with it.  We’ve been to the lake to run by the water.  First time in, he simply started swimming.  Cool dude!  Most older (and usually overweight) dogs don’t tolerate him very well, because he is so bouncy and constantly tries to get them to play.  They usually don’t want to.  Once he’s healed up from his surgery and hopefully calmed down at least some, I’ll take him to doggie day care somewhere to see how he does.
I continually am grateful to you for the wonderful start that you gave him.  Thank you!  He’s so tolerant of noises and unusual things going on.   He’s such a loving little guy, that no one can resist him, including of course me!
Please remember that you are welcome to stop by and get a few kisses from him yourself.  Just give me a call to be sure I’ll be home.
Here are a few photos so you can see what he looks like now.  The one standing up is from over a month ago, with his summer haircut.  His ears still go backwards!  The sitting one is very recent.  And the shadow one is simply very interesting.  He’s playing with his beaver, one of the favorites.  I think I’ll make a bigger print of it.
Your new puppy Lyric is gorgeous!  Have fun with her!
All the best to you, Jennifer.”
Peanut as a puppy right after he went to his new home.
peanutsideAfter a haircut and all grown up, look at those Poodle legs!
Love it! <3
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