Puppies are matched! What’s next?

Wahoo! All of our Gracie puppies have now been matched with their forever families! I’m so excited for the pups and the people! It’s always a nice feeling to have this part of the puppy process complete this far in advance of when puppies go home. It gives everyone plenty of time to prepare for their puppy!

We will now remove those names from the waiting list, add on any new people that have recently joined and get things up-to-date! That means most everyone bumps up to a smaller number and gets closer to the top!

And even though Hazel and Sky pups are just reaching the two-week mark, I will probably start reaching out to those at the top of the list to see if they are interested when we start the matching process in a few weeks.

And feel free to reach out to me if you are in the top half of the list and interested in one. It doesn’t guarantee you will get one of those pups but it sure makes my job easier when I know who is interested. Or if you’re towards the top half of the list and are not interested (wrong color, timing is off…whatever)  please let me know that too. It helps save my time by not having to contact you.

I will be making albums on the website soon for both litters (under the Cavapoo heading). Please check the dates when each litter is going home to make sure your schedule allows for a new puppy at that time. We drive to Spokane on puppy delivery date and it’s kind of a big production, but we enjoy it and do it as a courtesy for our puppy families so they don’t have to drive to the boondocks to get their puppy. I really envision all the puppies from each litter going home on their specific day because it’s so much easier for the puppies (and I’ll be honest, easier for me too) to get to their new homes sooner rather than later so they can learn your routine, get settled in, and start bonding and continue socializing. Occassionally life happens and a puppy needs to stay longer with us, and its family will then need to make arrangements to travel to us to get it. Please don’t assume we can do that you are considering a puppy. Please ask if that’s a possibility so we can check our schedule.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Clockwise from top left; Pooh, Rabbit, Eeyore, Roo, Piglet, Tigger, And Kanga. ❤️


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