Such good puppies!

Our Friday trip to the vet ended up longer than usual because I stopped to pick up some things at my son’s in the effort to help him move out. Anyway, the pups did awesomely and got some great crate training practice.

And behind curtain number two we have…

It was a beautiful day for a drive!

Once we arrived at the clinic everyone had a chance to potty before heading inside.

Big brother Pooh bravely stepped up to go first.

Roo’s turn was next.

Waiting their turn. (We had two crates.)

Yep, Eeyore’s teeth are sharp.

“Please rub my belly.”

Checking his ears.

“Please love me while this strange thing is happened to my back end.” (Getting his temperature taken).

Cheese makes the microchip not so ouchy.

Smile, Tigger!

Uh-oh, there’s trouble in that crate!

More cheese for another microchip.

Piglet’s turn for some love.

Now let’s check your ears, Piglet.

One thing is not like the others. (Lyric came for socializing).

Listening to Rabbit’s pittery-pattery heart.

Love time!

Kanga is being so patient.

Puppy kisses for Dr. Jes.

“Yummy, cheese!” She doesn’t seem to mind the chip being inserted. Notice the paw coming through the crate. Someone wanted the cheese.

“Give me cheese.”

“Pleeeease may we have more cheese?”


Everybody did great!

After our appointment is when we loaded back in the truck and headed to my son’s to pick up his things. It took longer than I anticipated and I still had at least one more stop. We both ended up at Wal-Mart together. He went in first while I waited to watch his things and the pups. While waiting, I gave the pups some food and water.

But I knew the pups needed to potty as it had been quite a while since their last break. Not realizing earlier that his stuff was being loaded on top of the litter box. I managed to drag it out from under the mattress and find one (sort of) open corner in the bed of the truck.

Then two by two everybody went potty.

It was a long, adventurous day but they all did amazing!

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  1. Didi Dame says:

    Traumatic day for your pups – being separated from their brothers and sisters and loving family . Somehow my heart aches seeing them all separated and in the arms of new families!! ❤️❤️❤️

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