Good Monday morning/early afternoon!


Another busy puppy delivery weekend has come and gone. Monday mornings after those always feel like “catch up” for me.

We had a fun time with six families coming to pick up their puppies. Rabbit’s family could not make it so she’s staying until tomorrow when her family comes here to get her.

I didn’t get individual family pictures of everyone but here are a few, plus our great group picture!

Pooh is now Theo.

Tigger is now Clover.

Eeyore is now Cooper.

Roo is now Harper.

And the last two families I failed to get pictures of were Kanga now Piper and Piglet now Penny.

After our puppies headed done the road I met with another family and sent our pretty Autumn home to start life as a pampered couch potato.

Spokane is always a long day whether we’re delivering puppies or just there to run errands so as usual, I got home late after stopping to shop several places on my way home.

At least the sunset drive home was gorgeous!

I haven’t even unloaded my truck yet.

Mornings are always busy with doggie duties and farm chores. And since I didn’t get new pictures of Hazel and Sky’s pups like normal on Sunday, I did those this morning also. So there are new pictures coming! And they are oh so cute!

Emails and applications are waiting for me since I haven’t gotten to those yet either.

So for those waiting to hear from me, I’ll be in touch today! Thanks for your patience!


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  1. Didi Dame says:

    You are amazing !!

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