Four weeks

Both of our current litters (Hazel’s and Sky’s) turned four weeks old this past weekend and with that age comes some changes. I switched them from the UGOdog litter box to our plastic box with wood pellets. When they start pooping and making more of a mess it makes cleaning the grate on the UGOdog more difficult. The first litter box has the side cut down so they can easily access the box and pellets. And because the pellets turn to sawdust when they get wet and puppies (and mom) like to dig in the box, I also swap the fleece bed out for a blanket. The blanket is much easier to shake off and clean when pellets and sawdust get on it compared to the sheepskin.

All set up!

“Hmmm…what’s this for?”

I made sure to show them where the opening was so they knew how to get out.

Hazel’s litter hasn’t been near as interested in the soaked puppy available to mom as Sky’s pups have. So I mixed up some baby food (chicken) and goat’s milk for them to try to entice them to try some real food.

Minnie was more interested then Mickey. She seems to be saying, “Come on, brother. It’s good!”

The puppies are getting more playful and interactive. Although their play sessions are still pretty short.

Sky’s pups are much more intrigued by the soaked puppy kibble.

They also got their litter box and bed switched out to the new style. When I put them back in the puppy pen after adding the new litter box, I usually plop them into the box first thing. Or course, they don’t know that the side is shorter and sometimes try climbing over the tall side. So I help them by showing them the door.

They made it out!

So cute and having fun!

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