Adults too

You guys know that after Puppy Delivery Day I sometimes go shopping. No, not for me but for the dogs. I’m weird like that. I’ve never been a big shopper for myself. I’d much rather buy my horse a new blanket or my dog a new toy. 😉

Two of my favorite haunts for dog shopping are a second-hand store called Value Village and Ross. If you haven’t perused through Ross’ pet section before you’re missing out! Of course, it’s hit or miss sometimes. But when they do have a good selection of toys and such, they really are a bargain especially when you compare them to a regular pet store or even someplace like Wal-Mart.

I found a few more beds so they don’t have to share. And some shampoo I like.

I love these small dishes for puppies when we’re crate training. And I found some healthy treats too!

Okay, I did get a couple of toys for puppies.

But most of the basket was toys for the adults (and a couple for Cajsa).

The other day was definitely a “hit”! And mainly for the big dogs. I’ve been stocking up on more durable toys for the adults for wintertime since they’ll be spending more time inside their “house”.

We (okay, my husband did it, but it was my idea) built a kennel building or the dogs’ “house” as I call it for the adult dogs since they don’t all fit in our home. It’s where they sleep at night, have dinner, get groomed and hang out when the weather is bad. So when they’re cooped up in the wintertime you have to keep them entertained and busy (just like kids!)

(Well, I was going to show a picture of the toy box that’s filling up but forgot to get a picture.)

I think I’ve got a good stash now. 😉 And thats not all since they already have some to play with. Now I have enough to rotate around and makes things more interesting. 🙂

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