In case you missed it

If you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out! I love following my Pinewood pups on Instagram and seeing them in pictures and videos every day. I also love sharing pictures, videos, and stories on my account. It’s easy, just search for “pinewoodcavapoos” and follow the fun. And don’t’ forget to watch stories when we post those once in a while.

Since some of you aren’t on Instagram I thought I’d share some of our Saturday afternoon fun that was on our story (although it’s not as fun when it’s not in story format).

Sleepyhead was too tired to walk to the blanket to sleep.





Sorry, the pictures aren’t really clear. It was afternoon and the lighting wasn’t the best but we had fun just the same!


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2 Responses to In case you missed it

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, I noticed that with these puppies you were using pee pads rather than the litter box. I would imagine I have not been paying careful attention. Is it because they have not been introduced to the litter box yet? Just curious!

    • Susan, they have the litter box already. When they are little and I’m letting them play in this living room I sometimes grab that black tray and put on potty pad on instead of the litter box. Just me being lazy! 😉

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