Autumn update

It’s always harder for me to place an adult in a new home then it is those sweet, adorable puppies! I know puppies will quickly adjust and bond with their new families. With an adult (even a young adult like Autumn, Amber’s sister) it’s a bit more difficult as all they’ve known is us and our little country home.

I met Autumn’s new family just about a week ago when they met me on puppy delivery day after all the pups got matched up with their families. Autumn was nervous, but this seemed like the perfect home for her. Her new mom seemed to love her instantly.

I’d been thinking about her and meant to check-in when one morning I got this wonderful update. (It made my eyes water ’cause I’m weird like that).

I just wanted to let you know she is doing great!!  She is the sweetest, cutest little dog ever!!  She loves to sit on my lap (it is expected when we come in from going potty – cuz she needs to get warm!). She is eating well and hasn’t had any accidents after the first day.  She sleeps quietly in her crate all night.  She did the same when we drove back to the west side.  I haven’t heard her bark yet.  Thank you for such a perfect little dog!!”


I love how she sits up like that!


Sweet girl! <3 I’m glad she’s happy and settling in to her new loving home!

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  1. Dee says:

    I love these sweet updates. Thank you both for sharing.

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