I decided to move the puppies upstairs. There’s so much more area to play, the puppy pens are bigger and I have room to introduce them to the crate! The downstairs puppy pen isn’t big enough to put a crate in. With the bigger puppy pen, I can put a wire crate in the corner with a fleece bed, have a large litter box and they still have room to play.

They are first introduced to the crate here and can come and go as the door is open at all times at this stage. Later they will have sessions in the crate with the door closed, first together as a group, then in pairs, then individually. This is all part of the process to get them ready for their new homes.

And the puppy room affords a large area to play and more toys (large and small to investigate)! When they are younger and downstairs I have a box of toys for them there, but when they move upstairs they get introduced to a whole new set!

When I first start them out, I’ll block off a smaller area so they don’t have too much room so there’s less chance of potty accidents. I’ll use one, two or even three litter boxes depending on how much space I give them to play in. This day they had a smaller area and only one box

They had so much fun!

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  1. Didi Dame says:

    They look like they really love each other !

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