Boy Cavaliers

Lyric is getting a playmate next week. Of course, there will be “hover-mother” supervision so she doesn’t torment the little tyke. In fact, it may be weeks before they actually get to play together. What am I talking about?

Yes, we’re adding onto the family again!

You must think I’m crazy. But if we are going to continue to keep doing what we love (raising Cavapoos) we have to plan ahead. As older dogs retire there need to be young dogs to step up and take their place in the family.

Another reason I was thinking about adding another Cavalier is that all of my Cavaliers are related so if I ever want to have another litter of purebred Cavaliers (I like to raise my own for future parents if I can) I have to bring in some new bloodlines.

I had actually been mulling this idea over before we lost Justice. At that point, we had Justice, his dad Dickens and “uncle” Noah. Noah is the oldest and some of you might remember he had a health scare about a year ago. Thankfully, it didn’t turn out to be a major issue but he did lose one “barrel of his shotgun” so to speak. So as not to lose out on a potential litter I had been relying on Dickens and Justice to take care of the girls. And now Justice is gone.

Noah is going in for a check-up this week to see if he has enough “ammo” to get the job done or if he’s just shooting blank shells. Until we know what’s going on with him, the burden of the whole girl harem (of poodles, at least) falls on Dickens.

And Dickens isn’t getting any younger either. Of course, my plan was to always have Justice here to step fully into his dad’s shoes once he fully retired. With the loss of Justice, it doesn’t just hit us emotionally but also in the ‘stud muffin’ department. So after he was taken from us it made it even more urgent to find another male Cavalier to add to the family to help out.

Thankfully, a trusted friend referred me to a reputable breeder that had some puppies available. The only bad thing is she is about 2500 miles away from us! But arrangements are being made for a flight nanny to deliver this little cutie to us sometime next week!

Pictured @ 4 weeks

Pictured @ 6 weeks

Pictured @ 7 weeks

His mom reminds me of Rosie❤️

And his dad reminds me of Justice❤️

Nobody will even replace Justice in my heart, but his little man will help heal that hole. <3 I can’t wait to meet him in person!


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13 Responses to Boy Cavaliers

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    Congratulations. He is absolutely stunning

    Diana Vigneau, DVM 234 Barbourtown Rd Canton, CT 06019 860-539-0174

    4 Creek Lane Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-1781


  2. Didi Dame says:

    Adorable little tyke !!

  3. Dee says:

    That little face❣ He’s adorbs. 😊

  4. ahuva hammer says:

    woweee Jenn you are amazing, i am so so impressed with all how you deal with the ups and downs of breeding keeping up your positive attitude and planning all with such precision. One day we hope to have one of your babies and as i follow you daily i am more and more convinced that you are the only way to go. Our Cavapoo therapy dog is now 3 years old and in about 2 years as per my trainer and our vet we will be looking to add another. We cheer you on from afar here in NY but dont want to busy you will so many comments, but after this one i just couldnt hold myself back, Keep up your amazing work and may G-d continue to bless you through it all.

  5. Michele Stein says:

    Adorable! Congrats on your new boy!!!


  6. Hi Jen. Where did you get him. I just bought two female puppies coming in dec

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  7. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, He’s a beauty! It will be fun to watch him grow! How old will he need to be before he can become a “stud muffin”? With Noah and Dickens getting older will you be looking for another Cavalier male or two to join the roster? How old does a male dog have to be before he is ready to retire? You’ve added another Blenheim male. Will you be looking for another male who is a solid colour? So many questions! 😉

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