This is from June (from Lucy and Dickens “country singers” litter this past summer) now know as Joon-Bug, Joonie or Juniper Pearl’s mom.

“Hi Jennifer:
I wanted to give you an update on our precious girl. Joonie was 5 months old Halloween and has been w/ us 2 1/2 busy months, lighting up our lives:
*She’s so smart! Knows Sit, Come, Down, Fetch, Give, Place, Wait, Stay, Up, Leave It, Done, Come Around, Heel…and No 😞😡 Now we’re working on naming & IDing some of her favorite toys.
*Fully potty trained b4 4 months old; always has slept 6-8 hours in crate w/o accidents or noise; patiently waits in mudroom (warmest room in the house) for my return from the gym or errands—up to 2 1/2 hours and never chewed or destroyed a thing.
*Cuddler extraordinaire…but can be very playful & mischievous.
*Currently in 2nd series of dog training where she is youngest, smallest but most definitely the smartest & advanced.
*Shy & timid in new places & w/ new people but literally goes everywhere with me, soaking it all in & snoozing on the passenger seat or in a carrier at extended stops.
*Happily goes into kennel at night but still must be covered up first w/ knotted fleece blanket (which has never been washed or chewed/ abused—and she has access to it 24/7!) brought from her birth home in the swag bag. She still perks up to watch YouTubes w/ your voice, Jennifer!
*Loves & anticipates her 3 meals (takes after me), walks, baths, listening to: birds, Growler jets, Construction crewmen working, high school kids walking by her fenced yard, and socializing w/ dogs & small children. Nary a single health issue.
*Containment area didn’t last a month w/ this Houdini paw-over-paw scaling the sides & even an improvised lattice “ceiling”; baby gates had to be reinforced w/ cookie pans & cutting boards as she apparently slides in between the slats w/ ease; planting beds had to be reinforced w/ deer fencing—Joonie is keeping her humans on their toes & we just try to stay one step ahead!

Thank you for the gift of Juniper Pearl!
Shelly & Larry”



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