Puppy matching process changes

We are changing our puppy matching process! I’m excited to think how this will get everyone more involved, save me time, and get those that are ready matched with a puppy sooner.

With the old process I would start at the top of the waiting list and email and/or call, wait 24 hours and either chat with the person or leave a message and hope for a callback or an email letting me know if that person was interested in the current puppy I might be matching. If they were interested there was usually some discussion among family members. Hopefully, a puppy was then matched or the family may have decided to pass for a certain reason.

And then there were occasions where I would email, then call and leave a message and never hear back from someone (check your spam folder!), so I would pass them and move on to the next person. Or I’d get an message back that they had found a puppy elsewhere and forgot to let me know.  :/

The new plan and puppy matching process is another reason why it is so important to sign up for email notifications and check to see what I’m posting about. You don’t have to read every new blog if you don’t want to or don’t have time, but if it’s about dogs being bred, an expected litter, birth of a new litter, puppy matching, etc you should probably skim through it if nothing else or you might miss out on a puppy). And I’ll assume if you’re on my list you are here for a puppy.  😉 hehe (P.S. You don’t need Facebook for this. It’s all on the website/blog.)

As soon as we have confirmed a pregnancy I will post pictures of the parents and share expected colors of pups. I will share the approximate due date and approximate weekend the pups will be heading to their new homes. This will give everyone that is interested in that litter a chance to check their schedule and see if bringing a puppy home at that time works for them. If you are interested in the announced litter,  YOU will message ME to let me know you are interested. It won’t matter if you just got on our list or if you have been on the list for 9 months, you are welcome to try for a pup. As soon as I receive your message I will make of a note that you are interested in that particular litter. When it is time to pick we will pick according to where you are on the list. So if you have been waiting longer and are closer to the top of the list you will be in better placement. If the pup you were interested in is taken, you simply stay on the list and wait for the next litter. If we have 2 or more litters within 1 week (7 days) we will pick from all puppies at the same time. So you can throw your hat into the ring for all the litters available. I will announce a particular “Puppy Matching Day” and you will be able to request the opportunity to pick up until 2 days prior to that day. All the dates of picking will be posted on a consistent basis on the website and our Facebook page. Two days prior to picking, if we have more spots still available it will be opened to the public. This will give the prospective parents the opportunity to be more involved in the process and deciding what timing would be best for them. If you chose to wait on the list beyond a year, if any pricing adjustments occurred they will apply.

If you’ve expressed interest in a litter you will need to be available on our Puppy Matching Day as I will be calling each person to match them with their puppy that day. I will be available the week proceeding the matching day to talk with anyone about the available puppies and help you decide on your favorite/s. (It’s good to have a couple options in case someone ahead of you chooses one that you also like.) As usual, I will also post weekly pictures of each puppy each week in the litter’s album on the website. (Check the drop-down menu under the “Cavapoos” heading for individual litters). And I will post as many videos (on our YouTube channel; Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos) as I can in the weeks prior to the matching day so everyone has a chance to watch the puppies play and interact.

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5 Responses to Puppy matching process changes

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    We promise we’ll be watching your emails & blogs very carefully because we are so eager for our new addition to the family.
    Have a restful break,
    All the best for a lovely Thanksgiving Season,
    Katharine & Goody
    Karisto & Philia

  2. Laura M. says:

    Love the new plan! We love our Harper girl. She learned to jump up on the couch today. 🐾🐶

  3. Jen Brazil says:

    Hi! That’s exciting news ☺️
    Are you expecting litters soon?
    Thank you! Jen

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