I’ve been able to take a small break and go visit family for a long weekend.

(If you emailed recently and haven’t gotten a response that’s the reason. I will be back to work in the 20th. Application acceptance was on hold between November 13-20th).

Besides getting to visit with family and friends, I’ve also gotten to see a couple of my pups! One was a totally unexpected reunion.

This is Murphy. If memory serves me right (I’m not home to check my records), he was Hermès from Hazel and Dickens litter a year ago.

He got much taller then I expected him to be. Some Cavapoos have a shorter, stockier Cavalier build and some like Murphy get a little leggier like their Poodle ancestry.

Murphy is a much loved family member who lives with my brother and his family.

While in my old hometown I learned there would be a memorial service for a family friend who had passed away in September which my brother and I were able to attend. Our families go way back as our fathers were friends from high school! I didn’t know the service was happening that weekend until we arrived back “home”. It was nice to be able to attend.

The added bonus besides seeing old friends was getting to see Joey (from our “Friends” litter!), now Louie. He lives in another state with the sister of the friend who had passed away. She had also traveled home to be with her family and attend her brother’s service.

He is much loved! And lives with his family and big “brother”, a larger Doodle.

I love seeing my puppies grown up and doing well❤️

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  1. furbabyneeded says:

    Looks like some nice surprise reunions. Welcome home

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