Back at it!

I’m back home and trying to get back in the groove of my normal routine. It was nice to have a break. I actually got a few good nights of sleep while I was away and of course a few late nights with travel and family events.

So thankful to my hubby for “manning the fort” while I was away and taking care of the crew. Without him here I wouldn’t have been able to leave. He even mentioned on the phone to me as we chatted on the way home, “I see why you’re tired. That’s a lot of stuff to do! Let’s figure out what I can do to help”. So thankful for this guy! ❤️ He even put the adults to bed last night and let them out this morning again for me.

So now I need to get back into my routine, catch up on some grooming before the next batch of puppies arrive, (we’re getting close to the time when the first girls bred in October can be checked for confirmation on pregnancies!) start doing some fun things with Amber’s pups since they’re getting to the more interactive stage, catch up on emails (since my automated email response didn’t work while I was away) and all that office-type work.

And I totally forgot to share Amber’s puppies’ three-week pictures before I left! So here’s so cuteness for you. I should have the four-week-pictures up (with names) soon also!

Red collar boy

Blue collar boy

Purple collar girl

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