I love update/pupdates from our Pinewood families! And this one came from one of the young family members.

“Hi Jennifer,
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! We all gave thanks this year and I just wanted to thank you again for bringing this wonderful dog into our life! He is always walking around the house wagging his tail, he loves to sit on laps, and he is the dog I have always wanted!  My uncle dog sat him while my family and I were away and loves his personality and cuteness so much that he is now on the list for a Maximus Jr.!He has seen his litter-mate Sugar(previously known as Rachel) a couple of times in the past year. He loves to play catch and “chase me” me the most, but also loves many other games, for he is a very playful dog. Here are some picture of Maximus from the previous year:

Happy Holidays!”

(Maximus was formerly “Ross” from our “Friends” litter)




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  1. shelley blair says:

    Cannot wait for our puppy…………..just too too sweet!

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