Short Hair

We had our first professional grooming appointment this week and it went well. I’ve already got a few more scheduled to go back in next week. This week it was Reba, Lyric, and Rumor.

Rumor had been groomed this summer by me so he was just a little long. Reba looked like a shaggy farm dog, and Lyric had puppy coat going wild all over the place! It was time.

The shop is located in a cute old building in a teeny town about thirty minutes from us. I was able to drop the dogs off late in the morning, head on into our “big” town (another fifteen minute drive passed this one), do my shopping, met my girlfriend after she got off work around 12:30 to sit and visit for a bit, then headed back towards the groomer and home. It worked out really well.

When I arrived to pick up the dogs, Rumor was running around the shop like he owned the place, very happy with himself while the groomer was working on a cute terrier.

Reba had this look like “mom, get me out of here and get this ridiculous bow off my head!” bhahaha!

The groomer/shop owner was very sweet. She said the “kids” did great! (I honestly thought Lyric would be scared and give her some trouble). They all looked nice; so clean and tidy (although I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I found a few wild hairs she missed and wish she had shaved their feet clean like a normal Poodle trim. I’ll talk to her about that next time). They were shaved pretty short, but I did tell her they were “farm dogs”. I’m hoping as we get on a consistent schedule that we can keep their hair a tad bit longer. But we had a good experience and plan on making this part of our grooming routine for the future.


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5 Responses to Short Hair

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I make my hair appointments the same time that Karisto & Philia are at their “hairdresser.” That way we all look spiffy at once!

  2. Didi Dame says:

    So pretty but I love the shaggy look myself !!

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