I thought it would be easy

I thought I’d match the two boys from Amber’s litter easy enough that I’d just do my regular contacting people on my list and get it done quickly. My plan was to start the new puppy matching process with the new litters coming up in December.

But I’m running up against my normal reactions. Some people don’t respond to emails, some don’t respond to phone calls, lots of people only want girls, some want a different color, some have busy holiday plans (I get that!), and my favorite response “Oh, we got a puppy months ago from another breeder”…….

These boy are going home on December 22nd. That is only eleven days away! Apricot (the smaller guy with the white spot on his head) has been matched for almost a week.

Peach still needs his forever family.

ezy watermark_04-12-2019_03-27-13pm

If you are already on my Cavapoo waiting list (Please don’t contact me if you’re not), you would like a beautiful, bouncing baby boy in a wavy, apricot coat and can meet me in Spokane on Sunday, December 22nd in the morning to pick him up, please contact me ASAP either by phone (509-722-6008) or email (please use the original email thread that you and I have been corresponding on, not a new one). Do not respond that you are interested on the actual blog post.

If I get several people responding we will go with whoever is highest on the list that is the best situation for this guy. (If you have thirty people coming to your house on Christmas this may not be the best time to bring home a puppy).


***UPDATE***Thank you all for reaching out! Peach has been matched with his forever family and is no longer available.

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3 Responses to I thought it would be easy

  1. Susan Hartley says:

    Well I know I’m #63 but I could definitely come pick him up 😁😁 Susan Hartley

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  2. jonnastar6 says:

    He is SOOOOOOO beautiful.  I know you’ll do a great job and find his perfect forever home.  I can’t wait til it’s the right time for us.  You’re an inspiration! Claudia

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