More haircuts

The second batch of dogs went in for grooming this week. The rest are scheduled for after the first of the year since she’s already booked around the holidays.

The office staff was super friendly (and adorable). 😉

Shaggy Sky before her groom.

Once again, I dropped the dogs off and ran into town to do some errands while the dogs were groomed. It’s about an hour per dog, so I returned later to pick them up.

All done!

And if you let your Cavapoo’s hair get too long and don’t brush it well, they end up with a crew cut! Ready for boot camp, Toby? hehe (Don’t worry he was only outside for a little exercise and potty break).

A Poodle, Cavapoo and Cavalier!

Raven could smell the chicken treats I had cooked up for the dogs. She tried and tried bouncing up and down, to get to whatever smelled so good.

She looks so cute with her new “do”.

Two different Poodle “looks”. Sky had some mats on the ends of her ears so the tips are shaved. It’s actually kind of a unique look!

Why don’t you all relax like Sky is?

Look at all the colors; cream parti (I know she looks white), ruby, merle, brown, blenheim and tricolor

“If I do tricks maybe hooman give me chickin’. ”

“I must have your full attention now, mom!”

Raven and Asher making friends.


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