I’ve always loved Christmas! As a kid there were all the pretty lights, the decorated tree, the festive packages (I’ve got a childhood story about that!), the smell of yummy things cooking in the kitchen and the chance to see friends and relatives you may not see much throughout the year.

My brother and I used to try to carefully untape our presents to have a peek at the box or shake and rattle them to try and figure out what was inside. My mom figured us out and changed the game plan. She started leaving off name tags so we wouldn’t know which gifts belonged to who. It made it fruitless to jiggle boxes when you didn’t know who it belonged to. To keep track, every year she would assign each family member with a number which she would write on the package and then keep a list so she’d know who was who. Moms are so smart!

My mom came from a big family. She was one of nine children. My dad was an only child. I’ve always thought my dad must’ve been a bit “shell-shocked” so to speak when he married into that huge family. But boy, did we have fun with all those cousins. And every other Christmas we would get together with my mom’s side of the family and as many of the aunts, uncles, cousins that could come, and of course, my grandmother, the matriarch of the clan. I have so many great memories of those Christmas gatherings.

Of course, as the cousins grew, got married and started their own families and started to spread out around the country, it was harder to get together as we did in our childhood.

I still love the Christmas season. It’s fun to pull out the old favorite baking recipes and fill the house with those delectable aromas. I love the Christmas lights and even the snow that we get living in the PNW now. (Although it does make the animal chores a bit more difficult in the winter).

But my favorite part of Christmas now is getting the chance to have my kiddos home together under one roof. Unfortunately, this year we’ll be missing our CO kids that have to work over the holiday. That’s the tough part of adult life; when kids grow up and move away. I’m so thankful that when mine have the time, they still like to come home for visits and hang out with the “old folks”. ;P

And this year, I’m excited to see what our expectant moms will present us with. Even though with most of them we know what colors they will produce, it’s always exciting when the babies are being born to see what genders they are and the coat colors and patterns look like. Is anybody else as excited as me about these upcoming litters?!

It looks like Sage is excited about it! Hahahaha

(Three of our expectant moms out for their morning potty break; Sage, Treasure, and Mercy).

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8 Responses to Christmas

  1. Didi Dame says:

    You are a wonderful storyteller!
    I can’t imagine , with all you have to do , that you have time to do much Christmas cooking !! What a gal!!
    The expectant mommies are adorable and I cannot wait to see the pups as I know everyone who follows you is – what fun !
    God bless the moms and you too, Didi

  2. Katharine says:

    I agree with everything you’ve written! I remember one Christmas Eve our whole family including cats & dogs, went to the barn to sing carols to our horses, goats, sheep and geese then walked back to the house covered in lights inside and out- the fun was being surrounded by candles, colored lights and coziness.
    Merry merries to you.
    I’m eager to see Mercy’s puppies- all the mothers’ litters in fact. We’ll be watching your posts eagerly and praying for safe, healthy arrivals of all Christmas packages.
    All the best to you and your family,
    Katharine & Goody
    Karisto & Philia

  3. I think we are AT LEAST as excited as you are to see the new pups! Their moms look happy and healthy. I’m imagining your delight in the season spreads throughout the entire Pinewood pack. What a beautiful, sparkly time. Keep us posted – and leave those packages under the tree alone until Christmas morning!!

  4. says:

    How large is Mercy?

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