Hope is a gift

As I mentioned before, we don’t have room for our regular-sized Christmas tree this year so I set a tiny one up on top of the large dog crate in the corner where the tree usually goes.

My next dilemma was where do I put the wrapped packages as there was not really any room on top of the crate for that.

Well, there was some room next to the crate but I didn’t want to just set them on the floor. So I grabbed a pretty blanket and draped it over the side of the crate and down onto the floor so I had somewhere to set the gifts.

Then I ran upstairs to grab the gifts and bring them down to the “gift” area.

Apparently, Hope thought I had set this nice, soft blanket spot up just for her! Silly girl!

I had to tell her that she’d have to vacate the area so I could pile the presents there.

There, all done!

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