Morning routine

The first couple of weeks our morning routine takes quite a while and is pretty similar. F

First thing in he morning everyone needs to go out…now! (Okay, that’s the way they act :P) It’s like a kid dancing around holding himself, “mom, I have to pee now!” The problem is I can’t let everyone out at once. I only have two hands. But I usually let all the moms out first, then run upstairs to get Hope, Lyric, and Asher and Reba will run out with them.

While they are outside, I will quickly weigh the puppies, add mom’s vitamins to her food, and fill up the food and water dishes.

All of our moms are on NuVet supplement starting when they come in season. Calcium is added after the pups arrive. So those of you that get a puppy from us just know that your puppy has been getting NuVet through its mom before it was even born. Pups will continue to get it as their weaned also. So its important to have your supply ordered and ready when your new puppy arrives home. (

Moms with new babies don’t like to stay away for long so as soon as I have the basics done, I will let them back inside and in with their babies.

Then it’s time to head out to the dog “house” and let all those guys out to potty, get drinks and exercise (almost all of the dogs sleep in their own crate at night). From there the horse need food and their water checked, feed the cats, feed and water the chickens. By then the dogs have had time to potty (and the boys to pee on every spot that smells like it needs marked), get drinks and get the wiggles out. So I do pooper scooper duty and then let them all back into the dog house to their usual hangouts with a morning treat.

Back to the house in time to crate Lyric and Asher and feed them breakfast.

Later in the morning when the moms are ready for another break, I will weigh the pups if I didn’t have time earlier (if I have tiny pups I weight them morning and evening, otherwise they are usually weigh daily for the first week or two) and change the beds and do *ENS with the pups. And when the moms come back in it’s time for their pudding (a high calorie, fattening, calcium laden food just for moms) and maybe a yummy treat added to their food. They always have water in front of them and as much puppy kibble as they want.

The pudding calls for a bunch of egg yolks but I don’t want to throw the whites away. So I add more eggs to the whites, scramble it up, add some chicken and top their kibble off with that.

And finally when I get everyone settled back in, it’s time for me to have breakfast and hit the computer.

And that’s how my mornings usually run!

*(Info on ENS if you’re not familiar)


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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    You do all that in the morning? What does your afternoon look like? You really are Superwoman! 😀

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