Here’s the plan

So here’s my plan.

Normally the pups stay with their mom in a large whelping crate in the living room for the first two to three weeks (depending on the litter size and how much room they have), then we set up the smaller puppy play pen in the living room (I can fit two of them downstairs) and move them into that. Once they outgrow the smaller puppy pen, they move to a larger puppy pen in the puppy room upstairs.

But since all these moms decided to do all this baby stuff together we’ll have to do something a little different.

They will all move into puppy pens from their big whelping crates. Three will have to go upstairs into big ones which we’ll make smaller at first with wire panels inside so pups don’t get “lost” in the big space. And two moms will be downstairs in the smaller puppy pens. (The big pens do not fit in my living space downstairs.)

But to make it “fair”, my plan is to rotate the moms so everybody has downstairs time too.

It will be an even busier time once the puppies are up moving around, but I can’t wait to see them toddling!

But for now here’s how everyone is situated.

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4 Responses to Here’s the plan

  1. furbabyneeded says:

    You are the best breeder anywhere I wish sookAne was closer to you I would give you despise care !!!!!

  2. Dee says:

    Queen Reba is in the center of it all. 👸🏽 She’s like your in house doula. 😃

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