Winter wonderland

Winter finally showed up here! The past few days have brought about 14″ (just a guess) of new snow.  Yesterday morning we woke up to more snow and a clear sky! It was gorgeous, but so cold!

Thankfully our power was still on (lots of people in our area were without and some still don’t have it) but we didn’t have our cell/internet for a large portion of the day. I couldn’t check the weather/temperature on my phone, but this is what my front porch was reading (and that of course didn’t take into consideration the wind that was blowing). So the “feels like” temp was less then the gauge!

This is nose-freezing weather!

Waiting for their breakfast.

Chore helper

“Come on, mom!”

They’re happy now!

Goofy Cajsa!

Blue is my favorite color💙

And a few more snapshots from the other morning.

Thankfully we have a nice wood stove to heat our house and two heaters to heat the dog house. And if for some reason the power goes out for any length of time, I have a plan. I’ll move all the dog crates from the dog house into the garage and those adults can keep cozy in there since we have another wood stove in the garage, and a full wood shed!




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6 Responses to Winter wonderland

  1. Didi Dame says:

    Oh how lovely!

  2. Katharine Harding says:

    Thanks for giving us the experience of snow in lovely photos! Here we got a dusting only, I got the wood stove going & now the sun is coming out & the white patches have melted. We’ve had pounding surf & super high tides. The dogs are happy in any weather!

  3. Kathy says:

    So beautiful and the blue skies! Thanks for sharing.

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