Out of this world

Our F1b litter turned two weeks old yesterday! They are out of this world cute! I can see some have curly coats, some are wavy and some are in between. Since this is our first F1b litter, I really don’t know what to expect. And I’m getting questions about coat, size and temperament, so I asked a fellow breeder who has been breeding F1b pups for several years and this was her response, ” I find a wider range of sizes within the litter. statistically 50% will look more poodle like, curlier and 50% will have an F1 coat. Temperament is the same.” So there you have it folks, from the lips of an expert. 😉

And here they are; some eyes are open, and some are still in the opening process, but all are precious! (I’ve written by their description what the coats look like at this point, but they will be more obvious as they get older; curly is more like a Poodle, wavy is more like an F1 Cavapoo coat).

“Mercury”~blue phantom parti male (curly)

“Mars”~blenheim male (curly)

“Neptune”~blue parti male (curly)

“Jupiter”~black & white parti female (wavy)

“Saturn”~black & white parti male (wavy)

“Uranus”~blenheim female (wavy)

“Venus”~black & white female (wavy)

“Pluto”~sable parti male (wavy)


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  1. Aimee Wakeman says:

    Do you mind adding these to the litter’s page? Just can’t get enough of these cute faces! 🙂

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