Fifteen to nineteen days

Our youngest litter (Sage’s F1b Cavapoos) turned two weeks old on Thursday so now all the litters are two weeks, plus.

They are growing and getting more active and vocal with their little squeaks and cries. I’ve even heard a little baby howl out of one of them!

This weekend’s project will be setting up the small puppy pens downstairs and starting to transition them into bigger areas. Some of them are starting to crawl a bit more. In fact, I’ve found an Oakley puppy and a Lucy puppy on the outside of the crate when the door was left open!

They’re getting their toenails trimmed weekly and at this point most of them are getting weighed just once a week now. Although since Lucy’s Poodle pups are still the smallest, I’ve still be weighing them almost daily. (I will probably be keeping them here a little longer to make sure they are of a substantial weight before sending them home.)

As the eyes and ears open, and the first puppy shows a “startle” reaction to a loud noise, we do an exercise called “Startle and Recovery”. Puppies at this age are not fearful, they just react, then quickly recover from loud noises. (We never want to scare them with a loud noise). It’s just a quick startle and recovery reaction from the puppy to get them use to loud noises and things later in life.

Here’s a short startle and recovery exercise. (Sorry, it’s sideways..)

(This is a previous litter that we videoed.)


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  1. Kathlyni says:

    I am really enjoying your updates. I just watched a quick video of the startle response. I noticed you have the newborns’ crate set up… On your website might I find exactly how and recommended items?

    Thanks so much, Kathy Irons

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