Phase one

Sunday was busy with three litters to photograph (then sort through the pictures, edit, watermark, label and add to the albums), weigh puppies, and trim nails.

I also have a goal of posting one blog post per day so I can include you all in on what goes on around here. Sometimes I write a blog and post it the same day. Some days I have several topics swirling in my head and I might be able to put two or three together and schedule them to be posted ahead of time. That’s always helpful when I know I might be away from home one day or have a super busy day planned.

Answering emails and responding to applications also takes part of each day. Sometimes they pile up a day or two (especially over my “rest” day) and it takes a while to respond to them all.

And then all the regular dog duties and moms that need tending to. Sometimes I feel like a waitress. “Oh, can I refill that water for you? Would you like more of the Unlimited Kibble that you ordered? No, I’m sorry, there is a limit on the special pudding/scrambled egg mixture. It’s one serving per (fur)person, per day. You need the ladies room? Let me open the door for you and show you where to go. (Five minutes later there’s a “knock” on the door). Oh, let me get that door for you!” And so goes each day….haha!

But Sunday, we had another activity planned. It was moving day! Thankfully, hubby is good about setting up the puppy pens. So he got both of the small puppy pens set up in the living room and two big crates got moved out to storage. Since Treasure and Mercy have the oldest pups (I know, Lucy’s are the same age but still pretty petite and the puppy pen may be too big a space yet) they each moved into a small puppy pen with their babies. Oakley then took over one of the larger crates. But she will be moving soon also. Her pups keep crawling out of the crate (and then can’t get back in!) so I have to keep “saving” them and get them back “home”.

It won’t be long and these two moms will transition to bigger pens and the other girls will take over their smaller pens. But for now they are all cozy, the older pups have now been introduced to the UGOdog litterbox and each litter is being introduced to a new toy each day.

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12 Responses to Phase one

  1. Kathlyni says:

    SO incredibly helpful; thank you!!


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  2. Amina Wolf says:

    so adorable and i looked at the poodle puppies and those colors are amazing.

  3. Jeannette Davis says:

    So adorable! Are they all spoken for?

  4. Katharine Harding says:

    Treasure’s litter looks more “chocolate” in color at 2 weeks and more “chestnut”at 3 weeks. I realize it’s hard to get it accurately because of lighting but with your eye which color is more true? Apologies to be adding another question for you to answer in your already very full day.
    Thank you!!
    Katharine & Goody
    Karisto & Philia

  5. Katharine Harding says:

    Yes, I realize but do you see them as more chocolate or caramel colored?
    Thanks- I’m sorry to be pesky asking again.
    Thank you

  6. Katharine Harding says:

    I appreciate the clarification!

  7. Katharine Harding says:

    Thank you for the clarification!

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