Puppy matching and some clarification

I must not have explained the new puppy matching process clearly enough because there has been some confusion and upset people. And that’s the last thing I want. :/  Let me reiterate that this new process DOES NOT affect your placement on the waiting list. The major change is when we have a litter, I’m asking the people on my list to reach out to me to let me know they are interested in that litter and the timing works for them, instead of me contacting everyone on the list and waiting for their responses. Once I have the names of those interested, I will call them in the order they are on my waiting list on our announced Puppy Matching Day. So nobody is jumping the line so to speak or getting an advantage over someone that has been on longer then them.

If you have not reached out to me and are interested in possibly being matched with one of our current puppies, please reach out to me via email by tomorrow night at 8 pm.

I will start calling around 9 am on Sunday. Obviously if you are are near the top of the list, you will be called earlier in the day. Please keep your phone handy! If I get your voicemail, I’ll leave a message, but cannot wait too long for a return call before I move on down the list. If you call back later, you can still be matched with a puppy, but may have missed out on a favorite!

Also, we will be matching all three Cavapoo litters at the same time. So when I get to you, you will have your choice of whatever is available from an of the three litters.

Thank you all for your cooperation, support and patience with the new process.

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8 Responses to Puppy matching and some clarification

  1. Courtney Kreutz says:

    Hello! We are way down on your waiting list but would love a girl Cavapoo if one becomes available.


    Courtney Kreutz 503-347-9851

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  2. Katharine Harding says:

    I think you’ve done a great job making this process very clear! Kudos to you on top of all the other puppy tasks you do.

  3. Amina Wolf says:

    Thank you. I understood all this from the first time you posted. So I understand that I am unlikely to get a puppy this time. I understand this new way is to save you a lot of wasted time and effort. Thank you again.

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