It’s just a guess

Also, another subject I should go over again, is the waiting time for a puppy. When a person initially gets on our waiting list, the “million dollar question” is always “how long is the wait or how long before we get a puppy?” (That would be my question too if I was on a waiting list). I try to give an estimate to that question, but that’s all it is, just a “guess”.

A lot of times when people first make contact with us they want to know how long our waiting list is, but more importantly I need to know what that person wants in a puppy. Then I try to give an estimate by that information. If a persons says they definitely want a “reddish/apricot female” and are not open to males or other colors then I will tell them it’s going to be at least a year. As stated on our website that is the most sought after color combination and therefore there is a longer wait time for it.

If someone is super specific, let’s say they want the apricot female, but they want white on it’s face and chest and they want one on the smaller side. Well, that person will probably have to wait until they are at the top of the list and have first pick. When you get very specific in what you want then we have to wait for all those particulars in one dog, and be at the top of the list to get it. (Red or apricot puppies with white are usually snatched up quickly).

But if you get on our list and say, “I just want a Cavapoo. I don’t care if it’s male or female and I’m open to any color.” Then you might be matched within a few months time. Why? Because the other people will pass on less popular colors (black and white, sable parti, black, black and tan, etc) and the less popular gender (male) to hold out for a specific color/s or gender. I hope that makes sense. (By the way, I LOVE THE BOYS!)

I do my best to give you an educated guess, but in the end we are dealing with living, breathing animals. I have no way to predict what my dogs will do. Will that dog get pregnant? Will she have a big litter or a small litter? Will she deliver naturally or end up with a c-section? Will she keep all her pups or will we lose some?

There is no guarantee, no absolute, nothing set in stone when you are dealing with animals. All we can do is give you an educated guess when it comes to how long you will wait for a puppy. There is no guarantee on wait time, but I do my best to give you a good guess.

Thanks so much for your patience in the process!

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4 Responses to It’s just a guess

  1. Didi Dame says:

    Great explanation ! Thank you!!!!

  2. Danielle says:

    I just want a small, chill girl 🙂 excited for tomorrow!

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