The making of a cheese monster

The puppies get a cheese chaser after they have their deworming medication. I use the canned cheese whiz stuff or whipped cream cheese when the pups are little. It’s an easy treat that they can lick off my finger.

Yesterday and today, we introduced them to the clicker. And to get their little brains accustomed to what the click means (the clicker is used as a marker for behaviors we see and want to “reward” so to speak), right after the click we give a treat. In this case and at this age, the quickest treat/reward is one of the above-mentioned cheeses.

We’ll have a couple of approximately one-minute sessions (maybe two days in a row) to “power up the clicker” before it is used to mark behaviors. They first have to understand the significance of the click. And with the cheese reward given right after the click (and repeated about ten times in a row), the little puppy brain soon realizes that the click means something yummy will follow.

The positive reinforcement training uses the clicker, or a noise or a word (maybe “yes!”) to mark behaviors as a puppy is being trained, step by step. The three books I mentioned on our training page will all be great teachers (along with the Baxter and Bella online school) to help you through the training process.

We’re just getting them started for you, and turning them into cheese monsters!


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