Guess what?

Yep! We have another confirmed pregnancy. Actually, I’m teasing. We have two confirmed pregnancies.

Which means we have four new litters coming up for spring-time. All four girls are due in March. Thankfully, they have spread things out a bit so they won’t be within days of each other like our current moms did. Well, except for the two new confirmations. They are due a day apart so could very well deliver the same day. Time will tell.

So between these four upcoming litters we could possibly get apricot, red, tricolor, black, black & tan and possibly blond/cream or blenheim. There’s one new mom/dad combo so that’s why I’m not sure what colors will get. But I can’t wait to see what she has baking in the oven. 😉

Once the each litter arrives and we know what we have those on the waiting list can start reaching out to me if they are interested.

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