Keeping organized

I have to keep organized in this business (or at least try), but sometimes things (mostly paperwork) does get away from me.

Besides keeping up on the adult dogs vaccinations, vet visits, health clearances, there are litter records to keep.

So this is part of my “brain in a binder”

Inside the binder are dividers with pockets. Each litter has it’s own section.

Whenever a litter is born I make a sheet with mom and dad’s name, the date the litter was born and then the notes as we delivered; time, weight, gender, color and description of each puppy. This is also where I record the puppies’ weights from birth until the last weigh-in at about eight weeks.

Once the pups start receiving deworming medications, I add the health records in the pocket so they can be filled out as we go and finished before they go home.

Then once a family is matched with a puppy, the puppy application is placed in the pocket of the correct litter (that belongs to their puppy).

And that’s how I attempt to keep organized with each litter. 🙂



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  1. Didi Dame says:

    Great job !

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