Batch number two!

Another Friday with an even bigger batch of puppies to take to the vet. This time it was the Aussaliers and Sage’s puppies (minus Mars. Mars’ mom decided to take our light apricot Poodle, Rembrandt home also! So since the Poodles aren’t leaving until next weekend, Mars will wait and get his exam with his new “brother” and that litter).

The pups were loaded up into two crates, kind of squishy, but also comforting with the new adventure they were going on.

And off we went! There was some fussing and complaining (which is normal) but they finally settled down into dreamland.

We arrived, got checked in, filled out health certificates and got our first batch settled into the exam room.

Cheyenne was up first!

Then it was big brother’s turn. And I do mean big! Jackson is going to be one sturdy puppy. He weighed in at 8.2 lbs!

Next the doctor examined Neptune.

Pluto decided he would take advantage of some cuddles while Dr. Jessie listened to him.

“I is so cute!”

Uranus decided to just go for the surprise kiss! 😉

You can see how utterly stressed Cheyenne was at the vet’s. hehe 😉

We made the switch and brought the second bath in for their exams.

First up, was Cody.

Then came Saturn. She looks like she’s giving the doctor the stink-eye.

Peeking in Venus’ ear.

Jupiter getting some loves.

And last, but surely not least, Mercury had his turn.

We had potty breaks in the back of the truck, a drink of water and back in the crates and down the road we went. It’s always a bit of a long day with the drive, the time at the vet for exams and such but with minimal fussing we made it home.

Then it was time to stretch those legs, get another drink and potty before heading inside for some yummy dinner.

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