Bath time

It’s that time again; bath time!

And it started with Reba after she did her usual routine. I let her out in the fenced back yard to potty. She climbed over the fence into the “great outdoors” and found some nice smelly, nasty turkey poop to roll in! REBA!!! Dogs can be so gross sometimes. 😛

Oh course, Gracie needed her beauty treatment before the young’uns arrive.

And next was Lucy since she missed her last haircut appointment.

I was only going to bath Reba, but then I thought, “why not clean up her feet and face while she’s clean”. So I shaved her feet and face too. Look at Miss Priss! <3 (Photobomb by Hope😂)

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2 Responses to Bath time

  1. What try you referring to? The crates they’re in while they dry from their bath? Or the big crate where a mom and her pups are snuggled for warmth and privacy. I do believe in crate training. They don’t live in them.

  2. Or if you’re talking about the puppy pen that the litter is in? We have to keep the puppies safe and start potty training. They can’t just run loose in the house 24/7 pooping and peeing everywhere.

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