A full Friday

Even though the babies have gone home (except VanGogh. Picassco went home today), I’m backing up a few days to fill you all in. Friday was full!

I had scheduled Treasure to be spayed that day. So I had hubby drive her in early in the morning and drop her off.

I would leave later in the morning to get there by our 1:00 appointment for the puppies and then by the time they were done, she’d be awake enough to go home.

So as I was getting ready to leave with the babies, I went to bring the adults in who had been out in the yard. And when I did, I noticed Dickens eye looked red and irritated. Uh, oh! He had injured it somehow! So I quickly went back to the house to call the vet and let them know what was going on.

So we squeezed one more crate in the truck and loaded Dickens and the babies and headed out.

The pups all got their exams first.

Then it was Dickens turn to get checked over.

Ouch! Yep, he had a pretty big ulceration on the cornea. The doctor said it looked like he ran into something. I’ve had a scratch on mine before and know how painful they can be. So she loaded us up with two different drops to be given morning and evening, and scheduled a recheck for a week out.

After the pups and Dickens were loaded, I got Treasure in her crate and we headed home.

Dickens is healing slowly and Treasure is quietly recuperating in the living room.

It’s always an adventure when you live with a bunch of dogs!

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  1. Didi Dame says:

    It never ends but oh the joy !

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