Puppy Delivery Day

Last Sunday’s puppy delivery day was much smaller and more low-key compared to the two previous ones, but still as exciting and fun!

We just had three families, but five puppies going home! Wait, what? Yep, two brave families were taking two puppies! Now, I don’t usually recommend that. Yes, the pups will always have a playmate, but it’s a lot of work. Thankfully both families were familiar with the process of raising two pups together so I think they’ll be fine.

Potty break and “brunch” before going inside.

All set!

Only one crate of puppies.

Mars and Rembrandt’s new family.

DaVinci and his “dad” FaceTiming “mom” back home.

Monet and Michelangelo’s new family.

A small group photo.

Another break before everyone headed home.

Happy life puppies!

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  1. Amina Wolf says:

    generally what time do you arrive at the airport on puppy matching day, and how long are you there? I am thinking about the times I need to buy tickets for when my time comes up. Also how soon will I know after the births? the longer lead time, the better deal on the tickets. thanks

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