A puppy matching reminder

Just a reminder about the change in our puppy matching process! (This may be new news to some of our newest adopters who recently were added to the list as I have yet to get all the new information added to the waiting list. Please let me know if you have any questions!)

When we have a litter born we will post the date of the puppy matching day and when that litter will be going to their forever homes. If you are interested in that litter, are available for a phone call on puppy matching day and will be able to meet in Spokane on the puppy’s delivery day, please reach out to me anytime after the litter is announced and let me know you are interested. If we have more than one litter you are welcome to put your name down on each litter’s list. (That doesn’t mean you can get two puppies..hehe. It just means you are open, interested and ready for a puppy now matter which litter it comes from!)

This new process makes my workload so much lighter because I’m only contacting those that I know are interested and ready. And we’re getting pups matched in one day so everyone has time to prepare to bring their puppy home. (The old way had me starting at the top of the list and making contact with each person. Then waiting to hear back from them (or not) which is time consuming. And by the time we heard back from everyone and got all the pups matched, the last family sometimes didn’t have a lot of time to prepare).

I will reach out to all that have contacted me about the litter on Puppy Matching Day and match puppies. Please note, I will still go in the order you are on the list when I make phone calls. If you’ve been on the list a while and are higher on the list you have a better chance to be matched. But if you are just getting on the list, you can still reach out. Sometimes the timing is not good for a lot of people and I will get further down the list then most people expect. The exception may be for the red/apricot colored puppies. These are still the most popular and are usually quickly matched up with the first few people on the list.

Puppy Matching Day for Joy’s litter will be this Sunday, March 15th. Puppy Delivery Day to Spokane for this litter is Sunday, April 5th.

These are the people (in no particular order) that have reached out as interested in this litter. If you don’t see your name and want to be considered for this litter, please let me know soon.

  • Denise Mickei M
  • Corinne U
  • Rachael G
  • Scott M
  • Courtney K
  • Kari P
  • Sherri L
  • Cathy B
  • Connie S
  • Shirley C
  • Marta N
  • Jacqueling B. G.
  • Lindsey B
  • Kim L
  • Carley T
  • Natallie D
  • Tanya T

And between now and Sunday, I will be sharing as many pictures and videos of these cuties as I possibly can!

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13 Responses to A puppy matching reminder

  1. burtman10 says:


    I know I am far down on the list – but I am interested and available for an April pickup.

    Jim Burt (360-480-6563)


  2. susanlaughlin says:

    Greetings,I want to let you know that I just got a puppy so you can take me off your list. Thank you,Susan Laughlin

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  3. Cathy Budman says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I see I’ve moved up on the wait list which is fantastic. However, We live in Long Island, NY and we’re close to lockdown here. Our Health System is in high alert; all conferences, lectures, meetings are cancelled through April 24. 20 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in our area which means many more in the community. Schools are closing, New Rochelle is quarantined, most people are attempting to work from home & things are definitely anticipated to get worse in the next several weeks.

    Hence I know I won’t be able to travel to WA for at least the next few months, so I just wanted to let you know that I am definitely still interested in a puppy but probably will not be able to take one before summer, assuming things are safer by then for travel etc.

    Hope that you and your loved ones are well and let’s continue to stay in touch.


    Cathy L. Budman, MD


  4. mstrasdin says:

    Jennifer, please add me to the list for Joy’s liter. Thank you 🙏
    Mary Strasdin 503-318-9164

  5. Hi,

    I’m definitely interested in this litter!



  6. Hi!

    I’m interested in Gracie and Hazel’s litters.



  7. Hi!

    I’d like to be put on the list for Mercy’s litter, too. Thanks!


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