Sweet babies

Despite the world’s circumstances, we’re still having fun with these sweet babies and enjoying every moment with them and their cute antics!



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14 Responses to Sweet babies

  1. Kathlyni says:

    Beautiful, sweet, innocent angels full of love!!

    Very best to you and your family, Kathy Irons

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  2. Rhonda Stiffarm says:

    They are such sweet babies.. in all this uncertainty they have nothing to worry about but playing with their siblings!! Too cute

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  3. Christy Brooks says:

    Puppy pictures, stories and videos are a welcome reprieve – please keep them coming!


  4. Susan Burt says:

    OMG! Such adorableness!!!!!!


  5. karen beaver says:

    really makes you smile – we could all use that right now

  6. rozkirsch@yahoo.com says:

    Want all of them. Did you mention in your last post that one of your girls just delivered tri color and black puppies? Could you let me know? Thanks, Roz Kirsch

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  7. Katharine Harding says:

    Our sweet Toby (formerly Blue of Treasure and Clancy’s “cheese” litter & with us since puppy delivery day March 1st) is the BEST distraction! He’s smart, “ridiculously adorable” a friend said, he chooses to go to his crate and the last 2 mornings he has NOT left me a “present” in the litter box.
    We are so so grateful to Jennifer, her husband and the Pinewood family of dear dogs for bringing the best companions into the world.

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