We do not have Cavapoo puppies available


A lot of you reading this are already on our waiting list,  so you know that we have an application process and then the waiting period until you get matched with a puppy.

But now most of the world is home-bound, and have more than the usual amount of time on their hands at home. Some of those are able to work from home, some aren’t working, some are now home-schooling their kiddos and some with a lot of time on their hands. I’m getting multiple messages each day asking if we have puppies available so I figured it was time to address this issue. (Even though we have a pinned post on our Facebook page that states “we do not have puppies available”.)

Trust me, I totally get it! You’re home, with time on your hands and what would be more fun then to spend that time with an adorable puppy! You have time to train, to play with and enjoy a new furry companion.

But, getting a puppy should not be a hasty, impulsive decision. You’re looking at a 12-14 year commitment.

And most, if not all reputable breeders are going to have a waiting list, and not have puppies available.

For those of you looking for a new companion during this time, if you’ve thought it through, have the time and are ready for the commitment, please do your research, find a reputable breeder that you feel comfortable with, get on their waiting list and prepare to wait.

The Cavapoo breed has exploded in popularity in the past year or two. More and more people are learning about this unique mix of Cavalier and Poodle with it’s wavy, low-to-non-shedding coat of many colors, it’s happy temperament, it’s train-ability, it’s wonderful way to integrate as a family dog whether you are single, married with kiddos or enjoying retirement years. They can be couch potato love-bugs one minute and hiking down the trail with you the next.

But along with it’s popularity, the rise of unscrupulous breeders, puppy mills and scams has also shot up. Puppy mills are what they sound like, “mills”. Puppy are generally raised in a barn or outbuilding with their parents, usually in a dog kennel/run with hardly any interaction or seeing the light of day. But lots of times they are not even given that much room, but raised in a wire pen raised off the ground. Parent’s are generally never handled, health and genetic testing is generally unheard of. Puppies are pumped out in great volumes to keep up with demand from the public. These pups will also be sold in pet stores and through brokers.

What’s a broker? A broker will have a spit-shiny website that looks great with lots of adorable puppy pictures and all the information that will convince you to buy from them. But they are just the middle-man for the barn-raised puppy mill puppies. Occasionally they will get puppies from an in-home raised litter from a small family operation but you just don’t know. You won’t be able to talk with the person that actually raised your puppy, see pictures of parents or know anything about them.

“But if I buy a puppy from one of these places, I’m saving it’s life!” Yes, you are, but you are also emptying a spot for those mills to produce more and continue doing what they’re doing. If nobody buys these puppies, they will have no market and we could “hope” that things could better. But there will always be someone that will continue to purchase these puppies. That’s why we must spread the word and educate people.

And lastly, we are seeing more and more scams. I get contacted by people who have been personally scammed out of money and never received a puppy. Unfortunately there will always be thieves and con-artists trying to scam people. Many breeders have had their photos (family photos and puppy photos) stolen and used on these scam sites. Beware.

So what can you do to make sure it’s not a scam. Research, look for an online presence, ask for references, check Yelp, Google is your friend! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Reputable breeders are going to be active online so you will know about them, their dogs and how they are raised. A lot of the Cavapoo groups on Facebook now have reputable breeder lists in their files. The admins have done the research for you and only added those names of breeders they know are doing things right. Some pages are more particular about who they recommend. One page is so particular they only add breeders who health/genetic test, raise the pups in their homes and do extras like starting crate training and potty training. They are going the extra mile to give you a great pup!

So even though you have this extra time on your hands, please don’t jump into this commitment lightly. I imagine we will see a rise in pet surrenders in our pounds and shelters after things settled down from COVID19. Don’t be one of those people.

Do your research. Find a reputable breeder. Get on their waiting list. And be patient. I promise it will be worth it. And if you’re not ready to make that long of a commitment, reach out to your local shelter or dog rescue and foster a dog. <3

Stay well everyone!


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12 Responses to We do not have Cavapoo puppies available

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    We are ever so grateful that Toby came to us March 1st BEFORE the world turned upside-down. He is an utter delight and well worth the wait since we got on the list @ #85 last July. Jennifer does so much to socialize the puppies before they go to their forever homes. Crate training, litter box, health checks, playing with neighbor children and being surrounded by all kinds of interesting toys inside a happy home environment. Thanks to Jennifer at PinewoodCavapoos our Toby had the best start in life. We are very fortunate and deeply grateful.

  2. Rhonda Stiffarm says:

    Reading this makes me soo sad for the scams and mean people!! I know I’m going to content and wait for my special new family member when it’s time💜you are a wonderful person Jennifer and it’s these others that make people question themselves? I love your puppies and I hope others think through every part of owning a four legged family member. Take care during this time.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    Great post, Jennifer. Having waited 6 months for my first Cavapoo and 15 months for the second I can tell you THEY WERE WORTH EVERY SECOND of the wait time. As a veterinarian I have seen many sad puppy mill dogs bought by naive and unsuspecting owners who had good intentions but now have a sick dog that they either must send back or be faced with veterinary bills. And most of these were from brokers who did sound and look legitimate—-unless you did further research. The Humane Society has a list of disreputable breeders by state.

  4. Mickey says:

    Jennifer, Hope you are well. Wish I had a puppy right now as we are basically almost in lock down here in Florida. Who knows when I can get there? Not sure how we will get to utah for the summer. Thinking we might rent an RV and drive. Any flying of puppies in this new horrible and difficult time? I know you don’t like that idea. Just a thought……and a hope.

    Mickey Stein


  5. Heidi Massey says:

    Great post Jennifer. As excited as we are for a new puppy we must be patient. There are so many scams going on right now. It’s a scary world. We have a family member who has one of your cavapoos and she brings us all so much joy. My girls can’t wait for us to have our very own. Take care and thank you for all of your posts.💕

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