Social distancing

We are fortunate to live in the country where we can get outside, walk around and not worry about bumping into anyone during this time of distancing ourselves from others.  We live in a “neighborhood” (on our hill) where we are surrounded by family members, each within walking distance of each other, but far enough apart where we have our own space/place.

Last Saturday we had online/Zoom church with our church family (since “regular” church has been canceled). Then after lunch my sister-in-law (our nearest neighbor) and I must’ve been thinking alike as we both made contact and said “let’s go for a walk”, six feet apart, of course. Which was easy to do living out in the boondocks.

I like to take turns taking the dog’s when we go for walks especially with those that need leash work (although, I’ll admit, sometimes I get lazy and take an easy one that’s already trained). I picked Aurora last weekend. She needed more leash training practice. Honestly, leash training is something that gets forgotten out here. Living so far out in the country, the dogs are usually just running loose with us or in the yard, so I don’t always think about leash training (until I have to take someone to town or something).

I had planned to take Aurora as one of my participants for dog training class this spring. Unfortunately, with world events as they are, we won’t be going to obedience class this spring. But our walk was good training just the same.

Walking together but apart.

Sally came too. (Her mom did her own haircut)😉

For those that don’t know, Aurora is our small standard Poodle. She is a sable parti girl. We are hoping someday to have some larger Cavapoos with her for those that want a bit bigger dog.

You two stay far enough apart!

Checking on the elderly in-laws, but visiting outside and staying a safe distance from each other.

My forty-two pound lap dog! Seriously, this dog is the most cuddly, loving, sweetheart of a dog. <3

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4 Responses to Social distancing

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    I love standard poodles— but in my experience the girls are much lovi-er than the clown faced boys (my current one is a boy).

  2. Mickei Denise McTier says:

    You are so luck. In Austin Texas there is an in house/shelter ban, meaning stay home. There is discussion of doing curfew now because of new reported cases this past Thursday.

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