Call me crazy

I’ve explained this before but when you raise dogs things are constantly changing and  revolving. When we raise dogs to eventually be parents, we first have to either buy a puppy from another breeder or raise one ourselves. It then has to grow to maturity and go through it’s health testing, then eventually become a parent itself (if all goes as planned.)

It will go on to be one of our parent dogs for a while before it eventually retires (usually around five years of age). We want to make sure it’s still a good age to go on and become someones family pet (aka couch potato).

So we always have to be planning ahead and raising another puppy to replace one that will eventually retire. If we don’t plan and time things correctly then we can’t continue to raise these adorable Cavapoos.

I have been wanting and looking for a nice red Poodle girl for quite a while. Since red/apricot are the most requested color, I wanted a nice Poodle to breed to our blenheim Cavalier boys for red/apricot Cavapoos. But mostly, I really wanted a quality red girl to eventually bred to Clancy so we could produce our own red Poodles for future generations.

So I had been searching and made contact with a breeder that had a older, “show quality” red, miniature female AKC Poodle available from health and genetic parents! She was stunning! I couldn’t understand how she could still be available. Here parents are gorgeous too. Mom is red also and dad is a red and white parti color.

And just like with our new Aussie boy, after corresponding with the breeder for a bit, I sent a deposit to have her hold the puppy for me, and waited for her to get the pup’s exam and health certificate. Both of these transactions came together about the same time. So as with the Aussie, I felt the need to make sure this was a good time to add yet another canine to the household. So I asked of God the same request as before. And this girl aced her veterinary exam also!

She actually came home the day after our Aussie boy. So it worked well as they had each other for company through quarantine and are now fast friends and playmates!

I excited to see what the future holds for both of them.

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18 Responses to Call me crazy

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Both such gorgeous dogs who will produce more gorgeous dogs. Temperament-wise we are over the moon delighted with everything about our Toby! ( “Blue” dob 12/29/19 from Treasure & Clancy)

  2. jonnastar6 says:

    They are both gorgeous, and I’m so glad they have each other to hang out with! But that red poodle girl is just beyond precious! May they both help build your puppy dreams. Lights in difficult times! Double congratulations!!!! Please let us know when you decide upon their names….. Claudia

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    OMG Jennifer she is drop dead gorgeous. Most beautiful poodle I have ever seen. (And I have had 3 apricot Standards. Congratulations!! And have fun with both of them.

  4. Jennifer,What an awesome story!  So very interesting to learn how you go about doing what you do.  Thank you for sharing and for the adorable photos!Stay well and stay safe.Kindly,Patt Hoffen

  5. ahuva hammer says:

    Maybe you can breed aussiepoo puppies one day too, i know here in NY they are popular. good luck with your new babies and keep us all looking forward to warm fuzzy friends in the future,

  6. karen beaver says:

    what a cute crew glad they have each other for company

  7. Christina says:

    She is gorgeous! 😍

  8. furbabyneeded says:

    Trusting God makes a huge difference. I am warmed to see these two have each other during the quarantine period. Blessings and stay safe

  9. Mickey says:


    Mickey Stein


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