Good morning

Just a few pictures from this morning; breakfast, naps, new litter boxes and lots of cute puppies <3

Have a great day everyone!

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8 Responses to Good morning

  1. Didi Dame says:

    such a bunch of gorgeous pups and mom!

  2. Jennifer….no matter what is happening outside the safe walls of our home..THESE PHOTOS MAKE ANY DAY A GREAT DAY! Even though I know none of these God’s little cutie pies won’t be mine, they bring us BIG smiles. Gratefully, Patt Hoffen

  3. karen beaver says:

    How adorable – love the full tummy pups sleeping on their backs – thanks for sharing.

  4. says:

    Hi Jennifer, my daughter, Lauren Zamani is #30 on your wait list at this time. She is interested in your Black and Tan puppy, born to Glory and Sundae. I know you keep a list of potential families for your beautiful puppies. Could you mark Lauren on your list as being interested in this particular pup. Thank you, Roz Kirsch

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