Who doesn’t like a pupdate?! I love them! They just make my day. Especially when it’s a family that got a puppy from us years previously.

From Pugsly’s mom….


Just a few days shy of 10 years loving this pup!! I was pregnant with Mason (pictured) when Pugsly came to our family. Thank you for this guy, we love him so very much

He is just the BEST dog, always has been. walks beside me and the kids no need for a leash, always has had the most even temperament, growing up with 4 crazy kids and a million moving parts 🤪 but was so calm. Will still fetch a ball until your arm is tired! He was an absolute gift! Our family wouldn’t be the same without him!
And Yes, of course – you are welcome to post/share! 💕

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  1. tricia Bourdeau says:

    Such a sweet dog and know that he is well-loved. Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. rozkirsch@yahoo.com says:

    Such a lovely letter.

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  3. bonniecampbellavery says:

    ❤️ You’ve made my day! Thanks!!

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